Directions For Milking The Prostate Gland

Milking The Prostate Gland

The male prostate is a major part of a man's reproductive system. It produces seminal fluid and is especially vulnerable to infection and cancer as a man ages. In recent years, massaging (milking) the prostate gland has become popular. There are different reasons for prostate massage milking. A prostate massage may be done for specific medical purposes or it can be for sexual stimulation. If done for stimulation, it can be performed alone or with the help of a partner. Below, you'll discover how the massage is performed. Prostate Massage Performed Alone When performing the massage alone, begin by either urinating or producing a bowel movement. Doing so relaxes the prostate and prepares it for the massage. Slip on a latex glove over the hand you'll be using to perform the massage. Apply a water-based lubricant on the glove's fingers. Once the lubricant has been generously applied, slip one or more fingers into the anus. Slowly move your fingers upward and toward the back (this is the starting position). Gently move your fingers toward the front, lightly massaging your prostate. Use a soothing, caressing motion and avoid letting your fingernails make contact with your prostate (your fingernails should be trimmed short before performing the massage). During the massage, you'll likely feel the need to either urinate or perform another bowel movement. But, your body does not actually need to do so. This is merely your body's response to the massage. Within several minutes, you may also feel the sensation of pending ejaculation. Prostate Massage Performed With A Partner Often, a prostate massage can be performed as part of an entire sensual massage routine. Because massaging the prostate has a tendency to result in sexual stimulation, many men prefer having their partner help them perform it. Begin by having your partner don a latex glove and apply the same water-based lubricant used in the instructions above. Then, have your partner gently begin massaging the area surrounding the anus. With soothing, circular motions, the muscles of the sphincter will slowly become relaxed. Once the sphincter is relaxed, your partner can slowly insert one or more fingers into your anus. Gentle massaging back and forth along the surface of the prostate gland provides both pleasure and stimulation. Taking Precautions Always be aware of your body during the massage; especially if you're having a partner perform the massage for you. If you feel any discomfort or sharp pain, stop the massage. Communicate directly with your partner. If the massage is performed too vigorously, hemorrhoidal flaring and even blood poisoning can occur. The key is to massage delicately and always communicate with your partner. That's the best way to enjoy the benefits of a prostate massage.

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